9.2 Inviting Users

Expanding your team

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Note: Only Managers can invite users.

Invite New User

  • Go to Users page and click Invite User button.

  • Enter an email and select the role for invited user. Click Send Invitation.

Note: Invitations are valid for 48 hours.

  • You will be redirected to Pending Invitations list. You should see your invitee on the list, and also the green "Invitation Sent." message on top right.

  • You can delete or resend your invitation. Hover on the user, and click on the buttons on right.

  • Your invitation email will look like below. Invitee should click on Login to OMMA button. If button does not appear, paste the link below that to your adress bar.

  • Invitee will be navigated to register page. Enter phone, name and password to register.

  • You will see this screen if the register is a success. Click Log in button.

  • Enter your email and password. Click Login to continue.

  • Enter 6 digit authorization code sent via sms from your phone and click Send Code.

  • If you login from the same device, you will not be asked for SMS code in every login attempt for a certain period of time.

Invite Existing User

  • You will invite an existing user as if you were inviting a new user.

  • Enter email and role to send invitation.

  • When you invite a user to a new account, they will receive an email.

  • Invited user can login to the new account from invitation email.



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