You can create different types of users for OMMA admin panel, and manage their roles and permissions. 

There are 5 user types. 

A) Manager

Manager has all of the permissions, and thus, can use all functions of the admin panel.
Manager has the authority to approve and make a content go live.

B) Editor

Editor has all permissions a manager has, except user creation.
Like manager, editor also has the authority to approve and make a content go live.

C) Developer

Developer permissions include:

  • Media upload
  • Creating, updating and deleting channels, contents and data sources.
  • Content scheduling
  • Request for content approval
  • Preview unapproved content on development devices
  • Remote debugging of content-code on development devices

Important: A developer neither can create/update/delete devices and shops; nor has the authority to make a content go live.  S/he cannot see or create users.

D) Inspector

Inspector has read-only access to all assets except information about other users in the account.

E) System Integrator

System integrator permissions include:

  • Creating, updating and deleting devices and shops
  • View permissions on Shops and Devices


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