3.1 Registering a Device

Register your device to OMMA Panel

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Before configuring a device, make sure that you set at least one shop in the Shops section. 

How do I register a device?

  • Go to Devices section.

  • You can also register device in a shop detail page. This will assign your device to the shop that you have selected when it is registered.

  • Enter device token to the required field and click Register.

  • Enter a name for your device.

  • Enter the shop name where device is located, and select from the suggestions. 

  • Select the device orientation, as landscape, portrait clockwise 90, or portrait counterclockwise 90.

  • Label field is optional and for advanced uses. You can enter a new label, or select from the previous labels you created before. To get detailed information about device labels, visit Device Labels.

  • Channel name is selected after you create a channel. You can skip this field for now, and continue to other fields of device registration. You can come back later and fill in channel name field after you create a channel which is covered in Creating a Channel.

  • Timers are not mandatory. If you would like your device to turn on and off on specific dates and times automatically, you can set timers. For detailed information, visit Device Timers.

  • Click Save. You will see "Device updated." notification at the top-right corner. Now your device is ready to display your contents. 



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