You may locate all of your devices in the same place, or you may have several places such as a shop, a mall, etc. 

These places are called Shops in OMMA console. They are basically used to group the devices that are located closely at a certain place.

As an example, you may have 2 shops as A and B, and 8 devices in total. After you create your shops in the console, for devices 1 to 5, you select their shop as Shop A. You mark the shop of devices 6-7-8 as Shop B. By this way, you can easily list and control your devices. 

Before configuring a device, you need to define at least one shop. Now let's create your first shop.

 How do I create a Shop?

  • Go to Shops section.
  • Click on Create Shop button.
  • Enter a name for your shop.
  • Label field is optional and for advanced uses. You can skip this field for now, or visit Shop Labels to examine what labels are used for.
  • On the location field, enter the location of the shops and select from the suggestions. Then put a pin on the map to indicate the exact location of your shop.
  • Click Create at the bottom of the page.
  • You should be redirected to the Shops page and see a green notification at the bottom right of the page, indicating process is a success.


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