4.2 Creating a Playlist

Bring your media together to form a meaningful flow

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For creating a playlist, you should have your media uploaded. So if you have not uploaded yet, please visit Uploading Media section. 

New feature: Now you can create scenes as a playlist item. See here.

This article answers the question listed below.

A) How do I create a Playlist?
B) How do I add media to the Playlist?
C) How do I add website to the Playlist?
D) How do I add/edit html widget to the Playlist?

E) How do I add IPTV to the Playlist?
F) How do I set duration for the items I add?
G) How do I order/delete an item?
H) How do I copy/duplicate an item?
J) How do I save the content?

A) How do I create a Playlist?

  • Go to Contents section. This section is the place where you will see the playlists you created as a list. Click on the Create button to create a new playlist.

  • Enter a name for your playlist, select playlist plugin and press Create button. 

  • Now you have created your playlist, and you have been directly navigated to the playlist detail page. You can add media from your media library or enter a web site link.

B) How do I add media to the playlist?

  • Click on Add button.

  • When you click Add New Item button, a drop-down menu will appear.

  • Select Add Image or Add Video.

  • Search and select the files you would like to display on your playlist and click Add to Content

  • Your media will appear in the playlist.

C) How do I add website to the playlist?

  • Click on Add New Item button.

  • Click Add Website, enter the URL, then click Okay.

D) How do I add/edit HTML to the playlist?

  • Click on Add HTML button.

  • Paste the HTML Code to the black area. Enter a widget name and click Add Widget.

  • You can edit the HTML Widget after you add it. Click Edit HTML button and update your code.

E) How do I add IPTV to the Playlist?

Check our IPTV Support on different platforms here.

Requirement for Linux: Linux devices doesn't support UDP streams that use port number below 1024.

Stream Type: OMMA supports HLS and UDP stream types. Other stream types are not tested on-field and therefore not supported officially.

Quality: Most devices can stream up to 720p and performance is dependent on the device hardware, there is no software-wise upper limit for quality.

Codec Support: Device must support the codec of the stream. Most codecs are supported.
  • Click to add a Scene.

  • On the right panel, select Stream under Background.

  • Enter the Stream IP and Save.

F) How do I set duration for the items I add?

Every row in the playlist has a duration field.

  • Images and websites come with a default duration of 10 seconds. You can change their duration from the duration field. 

  • Videos come with their original duration. You can shorten them by changing the duration. In that case, video stops when it reaches to the duration you entered, and the next item starts to play.

G) How do I order and delete an item?

  • You can click and hold to the left holder; drag the item; and drop them according to the order you want them to be displayed.

  • You can remove a row by clicking on the trash icon that appears when you bring your cursor on the row.

  • This action will open a confirmation modal to avoid mistakes. Click "Yes" to proceed. This action is irreversible.

H) How do I copy/duplicate an item?

  • If you would like to display an image, video or website more than once in a loop, you can duplicate a row by clicking on the Duplicate icon (see picture above) that appears when you bring your cursor on the row.

J) How do I save the content?

All the actions you make on the content page are automatically saved. But there are 4 different statuses of a saved content, from Draft to Alive. To publish a content, you must bring the status to Alive.

Different user roles have different permissions on content saving and changing content statuses. For more information on user roles, visit User Roles and Permissions.

Here are all the 4 statuses of a content and how to alter statuses:

I) Draft

Any new content is in "draft" status. When you finish editing the content, click Request Approval button.

You can still make changes after requesting approval. However the status becomes draft again, and you request approval one more time

II) Waiting for Approval

When a content is requested for approval, its status become "waiting for approval".

If the content is right, you can click Approve button. If not, you can make changes, and then click Approve. 

III) Approved
After approving the content, the status becomes "approved". Only approved content can be altered to Alive status. To do this, click Publish button. 

If the playlist is assigned to a channel, you will see the modal below. Click Publish.

However, if the playlist is not currently being displayed, you can select a channel before publish (it is not required). Search the channel you want to publish, select it from search results and click publish.

At this stage, unlike waiting for approval status, any change on the content makes the status go back to Draft

IV) Alive
When you click Publish, content status becomes "alive", and now you it is ready for publishing on a device, which will be covered in Publishing.

When you make changes on a content which is "alive", the status becomes "draft"again. But it does not have an effect on what is displayed, until you request approval, approve, publish, and bring the status to Alive.

The statuses and edits are visible to every user. All users see the content in the last form and last status saved. 

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