You can create different types of users for OMMA admin panel, and manage their roles and permissions. 

There are 6 user types. We will explain each user type briefly, but you can skip and jump to the end of the page to see the permissions as a table.

A) Manager

Manager has all of the permissions, and thus, can use all functions of the admin panel.

Manager has the authority to approve and publish content.

B) Editor

Editor has all permissions a manager has, except user creation.

Like manager, editor also has the authority to approve and publish content.

C) Contributor

Contributor has all permissions an editor has, except device actions. Contributors can not update/edit devices or register a new device.

They can view device configurations/information.

D) Developer

Developer permissions are limited. They include:

  • View and upload media
  • Creating, updating, and deleting channels, contents, and data sources.
  • Content scheduling
  • Request for content approval
  • Preview unapproved content on development devices
  • Remote debugging of content-code on development devices

Important: A developer neither can create/update/delete devices and shops; nor has the authority to publish content.  S/he cannot see or create users.

E) Inspector

Inspector has read-only access to all assets except information about other users in the account.

F) System Integrator

System integrator permissions include:

  • Creating, updating and deleting devices and shops
  • View permissions on Shops and Devices
  • Device configurations
  • View content and channel list

Here is a table summarizing panel functions and permissions:


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