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8.1 Introduction to Scene Designer
8.1 Introduction to Scene Designer

How to create a scene, overview of the designer interface, and an example case

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Scene Designer is a powerful tool that helps you to create attractive animated contents from scratch, on your own. Moreover, it allows you to change dynamic data such as product prices on the scenes, even if the scene is a video. In this article, we will examine how to create a scene, introduce the designer interface, and go through a simple case and advanced features to demonstrate the capabilities of Scene Designer.

Create a Scene

  • First, go to Contents.

  • Then click on the Create button.

  • Give your content a name and then select Playlist Editor with Scene Designer from the Plugin menu.

  • Click Create.

  • Click Add New Item.

  • Select Add Scene from the drop-down menu. This option will only show up if you select Playlist Editor With Scene Designer while creating a content (picture above).

  • Click on open in designer button shown as below to open the Scene Designer.

Designer Interface

Let's go over the sections of the screen for examining the main functions of Scene Designer.

-1- Canvas

This part of the designer represents your screen. Your media will be inserted and your scene will be built up here.

-2- Settings

You can adjust the settings for Canvas from this part of the panel. After adding an element such as an image or text, a format tab will also appear in this field where you can edit element attributes. 

-3- Timeline

Timeline is positioned at the bottom of designer. It is used for creating animations. We will be going deeper on how to create animations in another section. 

-4- Top Header Bar

You can see the content name, Insert elements to your designer, adjust the zoom of canvas and save your design from here.

Example Case

Let's assume that you are using digital signage for your international restaurant business, HW Cafe. You are working with an agency that prepares the designs for your products. Designs include a simple background with your product image, product name and a price tag like below.

  • Normally, when you have a price change, a limited time offer or an announcement to make, you would have to reach out to the agency. 

  • To prepare and launch a new design, you would have to wait for its design and rendering processes.

  • You would need designs for every price update, every announcement and every offer.

Now you have a powerful tool: Scene Designer. It deals with the hassle and saves you time and money with simple, everyday actions.

Let's see how we would have done it with Scene Designer.

  • You would need the background image with your product on it.

  • After inserting the image as background, you need to add a text element for price tag (purple item with dashed borders on the bottom).

  • After adjusting the font and colors, it would be a template ready to be changed for different prices.

  • With Scene Designer, making this design work would take less than a minute.


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