You should follow the steps accordingly to the synchronization type you want.

Important Note: Devices must be connected to the same network and they must be allowed to connect through TCP/7447 Port in order to synchronize properly. For best experience, the devices you assign sync playlists should be the same brand and have the same operating system. Otherwise gaps may occur.

A) Same playlist will play synchronously in all of the devices or video wall.

  • Go to Contents section. 
  • Click on the Playlist you would like to make synchronized or create a new Playlist. (To see how to create a playlist go to Creating a Playlist
  • In Sync Group field, no sync option is selected automatically. Change this field by selecting one of the rooms
  • Save, approve and make your playlist live. 

B) I want to display parts of a video in my video wall. (Different Playlists)

Note: If you want to set a video wall, upload your video parts to the Media Library. Parts should match the number of devices you would like to sync.

Video Split Program: You can use a free video editor if your media is not in parts.

  • Create a playlist and upload the first part of your video(or the content for your first playlist). 
  • Select Sync Group.
  • Save, approve and make your playlist live. 
  • Redo these steps for every different playlist (part of your video). Every part should be in a different playlist. Pay attention to select the same sync group in every playlist.


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