You should follow the steps accordingly to the synchronization type you want.

Important Note: Devices must be connected to the same network and must be allowed to connect through TCP/7447 Port in order to synchronize properly.

A) Same playlist will play synchronously in all of the devices or video wall.

  • Go to Contents section. 
  • Click on the Playlist you would like to make synchronized or create a new Playlist. (To see how to create a playlist go to Creating a Playlist
  • In Sync Group field, no sync option is selected automatically. Change this field by selecting one of the rooms
  • Save, approve and make your playlist live. 

B) I want to display parts of a video in my video wall. (Different Playlists)

Note: If you want to set a video wall, upload your video parts to the Media Library. Parts should match the number of devices you would like to sync

  • Create a playlist and upload the first part of your video(or the content for your first playlist). 
  • Select Sync Group.
  • Save, approve and make your playlist live. 
  • Redo these steps for every different playlist (part of your video). Every part should be in a different playlist. Pay attention to select the same sync group in every playlist.


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