1.1 Introduction

Terminology, Basic Terms and guideline

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You may have one digital signage device, or thousands of them.

You may have one place that you locate your devices, or lots of stores.

OMMA is suitable and scalable for all conditions. 

Basic Terminology

Your places are called Shops in OMMA console, and digital signage panels are called Devices. While introducing your devices to the console, you will also be defining their shop. This gives you the power to easily manage your shops and devices. 

You will produce contents that are named as Playlists. Playlists consist of media, web sites or custom HTML content. 

Moreover, just like you are the owner of a television network, you will have Channels to "broadcast" these playlists on the devices. You will set a channel for a device, and then you will assign the playlists you produce to the channel. You will be able to program which playlist to play now, and which playlist to play later on the same channel. 


Here is an example of a shop with 5 devices. Device 1 and 5 are set to the same channel, named as Window. So they are displaying the same content. Device 4 is set to a channel named Kiosk. Lastly Device 2 is set to channel In-store 1, and Device 3 is set to channel In-store 2. They are working synchronously. They play the parts of a wide screen content, and they play the next item in the playlist at the same time. 

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