What Do The Circles Mean?

Green, Yellow, Red, White Circles/Spinners and their meanings.

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White Circle with an “i” at center

This means you didn’t select a channel while registering the device or the selected channel is empty and has no content to show.

This notification only appears when there is no content to show.

How to fix:

  • Go to your device’s detail page on the OmmaSign dashboard and check if a channel is selected. If not, select a channel to proceed.

  • Or else if a channel is selected on your device click the shortcut link to go to the active channel.

  • If the content is selected, it should be empty like below. Select your content to show then the circle will disappear on your device and your content will start playing soon.

Yellow Circle

When you see a yellow circle it means that there is a problem with the Internet connection of the device.

Check if the device is connected. Situations where it’s triggered:

  • Firewall, DNS and proxy settings restrict the connection.

  • When the device could not connect to the server.

  • When the device doesn’t have internet connection, when it loses connection.

How to fix:

  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet.

  • Make sure your device's firmware version and OmmaSign App version is up to date.

  • Check if there are Firewall/DNS settings that could restrict connection. You can find firewall and DNS settings from the Settings and Minimum Requirements Article.

Red Circle

Red Circle means the server connection is lost when the app tries to communicate.

You see a red circle when:

  • An error occurred while communicating with the server.

  • OmmaSign could not register a device.

  • If the device runs on WebOS, WebOS's internal web server does not work.

How to fix:

  • Clear the device’s caches by following this guide.

  • If the problem persists, restart your device.

  • If none of these solve the problem, please contact us via chatbot or email.

Green Circle and a Tick in the Middle

This means your changes are applied or everything is working fine and your content is about to play.

You see a green circle when:

  • The device is connected to the OmmaSign server.

  • The device is about to start to display the content

  • All media are cached.

  • The device is registered.

White Circle

If a white circle spins with a number at the center, that means the OmmaSign app downloads the content.

Just wait for it to turn green and your content will play shortly.

You see the white circle when:

  • Media download continues.

  • The device connects to the server.

  • The device is being registered.

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