You can set an item to display x times in y loops.

To do this:

If you do not have a playlist, visit Creating a Playlist.

  • Go to Contents.
  • Click on the playlist that you want to edit.

  • Click Add Display Rules / Edit Rules button.
  • Choose Frequency tab.
  • To increase the frequency you should increase the first field and decrease the second (Example: 3 times per 1 loop). To decrease the frequency, do vice versa (Example: 1 time per 3 loops).
  • Click Save.
  • You can see the frequency of the item to the bottom-right of the thumbnail. Here it is set to display 3 times in 1 loop.

Note: Synchronization is disabled while frequency is active.

  • When you finish, Request Approval, approve and make your content go live.


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