4.11 Media Group

Display a random image/video from a media group on each playlist loop

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The Media group item will select a random image/video inside the media group and display it. It is useful when you have a pile of image/video on a campaign/catalog and the display order does not really matter.

  • Go to Contents.

  • Click on the Content that you want to use.

  • Click on Add and select Media Group from the dropdown list.

  • Click Add media and select media items. Click add to content.

  • You can edit durations of individual items or preview them. Click on the x icon on the top right to delete an item.

  • Rename the media group.

  • You can select the play mode between "Serial" and "Random".

  • Serial plays the items sequentially in each loop, random plays the items in a random order.

  • Go back to content detail.

  • You will see the minimum and maximum duration among media group items.

  • You can use the common functionalities on media group (item tags, display rules, duplicate, etc.)



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