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3.6 Device Volume & Brightness Controls
3.6 Device Volume & Brightness Controls

Volume, Brightness Controls using Attributes

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  • Device App Version must be 3.8.3 or higher.

  • The content plugin must be "Playlist with Scene Designer" and newly created. Old contents will not support this feature.

Matrix of the supported controls per platform is as follows;


Supported Platforms


LG webOS, Windows, Linux, Android, Samsung


LG webOS

You can change the brightness and volume settings of your device from the OMMA Panel.

  • Go to the Devices page and click on the Device you want to edit.

Application Version 4.5.7 and above;

  • Change the volume or brightness slider value as shown in the screenshot below;

  • Click Save when you are done.

Application Version 4.5.6 and below;

  • Click on the Add button next to Attributes.

  • Enter the related attribute name and value. Click on the blue tick icon next to the value field. Check the list below for the value number range and device support.

  • Click Save when you are done.

Attribute Name              Value               Support
omma_settings_volume Between 0 and 100 LG webOS, Windows, Linux
Android, Samsung

omma_settings_brightness Between 0 and 255 LG webOS



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