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Installing OMMA App to Windows PC #2 (How to Setup)
Installing OMMA App to Windows PC #2 (How to Setup)
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Please make sure you have implemented the below steps:

1. Downloading OMMA Installer file

  • Click 'Keep' button after download.

  • Click windows.exe or windows32.exe to run setup.

2. Run OMMA Installer

  • If you see below warning, click More info.

  • Click Run Anyway.

  • Click Yes.

  • Click Next.

  • Click next until you get to Install screen (below). Click Install.

  • Wait until the setup is complete. You may see several console windows pop-up during setup, it is an expected behavior.

  • Click Close button to finish Installation.

Note: Below actions will be done by OMMA App on every install and whenever PC starts.

  • Disable hibernation.

  • Disable fast-startup.

  • Enable wake-up timers for AC and DC power sources.

  • Disable need to log-in when returning from standby for AC and DC power sources.

Continue with below articles to fully complete the setup process:

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