3.4 Device Screenshot

Take a snapshot of your device real time to track what is being displayed

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From Devices list

  • Go to Devices.

  • You can see the screenshots on the right.

  • Click on the refresh icon on column header to manually refresh the screenshots.

  • Click on one of the images to preview it in a modal.

  • You can change the preview resolution from bottom left corner of the modal.

  • Refresh the screenshot by clicking on the right bottom button.

From Device detail

  • Click on one of your devices.

  • Click on the camera icon on top right corner.

  • This action will open the same modal explained above.

From Actions tab on Device detail

  • Click on Actions tab.

  • Click on Take Screenshot button.

  • This action will open the same modal explained above.

Screenshot thumbnails

  • Spinner will be displayed while the screenshot is loading.

  • Offline devices will appear on screenshot like below.

  • This thumbnail means that we could not connect to the device momentarily. Try refresh screenshot button if that occurs.

  • Notice that, this also may indicate this platform is not supporting the screenshot feature.



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