Installing OMMA App to Philips

Set up your OMMA App with apk file for Philips

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  • Turn on your Philips device.

  • Press Home button (marked red) on your remote control.

  • Press 1888 (marked yellow) when you see the home menu below. There is a short period of time allowed after the home button is pressed, so try a couple of times if you can't open Android menu on your first try.

  • This action will open up Android menu. Select Apps.

  • Select Chromium.

Important note: "Please ensure you have updated the latest version of Chromium on the Philips panel before downloading the OMMA App".

1. Downloading OMMA APK file

  • Click OK.

  • Download will start automatically.

2. Installing OMMA App to Your Device

  • After download, click Open

IMPORTANT Note: If the file disappears after the downloading process. The file will be saved in two locations in your devices. You can start the installation from there.

A-) In Android menu, navigate to the;

File Manager/SDCard/Download/Android.apk

B-) In Android menu, navigate to the;

File Manager/Storage/Emulated/0/Download/Android.apk

  • Click Install.

  • When app is installed, click Open.

Note: If you click Done button the app will not start automatically. You can open the Omma app from the Apps menu.

3. After Installing OMMA App

  • If your device is rooted by default (factory settings), you may proceed to the 4th step.

Important Note: 

  • If you have a root manager app, you will see the screen below. Allow OMMA to run and proceed to 4th step.

  • If your device is not rooted, a prompt will appear. You can continue by clicking Run at your own risk. However, we strongly suggest to root your device. Otherwise, OMMA App will not be able to run correctly.

4. Registering your Device to OMMA Panel

5. Make OMMA run at boot-up.

  • Go to Settings on Android menu. Try a couple of times if you can't open Android menu on your first try. (Home button - 1888)

  • Select Signage Display from menu. Then select Custom App from right menu.

  • Select Select App.

  • Select OmmaSign from options. Select Save.

  • Press Source button (marked blue) on remote control. You will see source options on left. Select Custom.

  • Now your device will run OMMA App when it turns on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the device's Chromium-Browser version, the downloading process can't be started automatically. In this case you can download the latest Chromium version and installed it manually. Here is the link for the latest Chromium version;

If you need support during the process, please do not hesitate to contact us via our chatbot or email.


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