Installing OMMA App to Brightsign

Setup OMMA to Brightsign with microSDXC card

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Requirements for setup:

  • microSDXC Card (minimum 8GB storage)

1. Downloading OMMA ZIP file

  • ZIP file is reachable via this link. Please download the file to your computer. Download will start automatically.

2. Preparing SD card for setup

  • Make sure that SD Card is empty & has enough storage.

  • Unpack the zip file directly into the SD Card.

  • Make sure that unzipped files are shown as below.

  • Eject SD card safely.

3. Installing OMMA to Brightsign

  • Insert SD Card to Brightsign device.

  • Reboot the device.

  • You will see the token screen indicating that setup is successful.

4. Register your device to OMMA Panel

  • Learn how to register your device to OMMA Panel here.

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