4.7 What is Datasource?

Explore benefits of using data in content

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Before Start: You can find detailed instructions about Datasource feature here. This article explains possible implementations of Datasource feature without technical detail.

Supported features & specifications

Supported data type: JSON
API Specifications: Open API endpoint with URL authentication

What is Datasource?

Datasource is a feature that enables you to manipulate text content using data gathered from an external source. When you connect a datasource to a content, your display updates itself automatically on every refresh period.

Now we will go over an example:

Let's say we run HW Restaurant. We have a display that shows the meals & beverages that we sell. In case of a price update, we would have to make adjustments in content image and upload the new image to system so that we can update the display.

Using datasource, you can make these adjustments on the data that feeds the content, without editing the media.

Let's see how it works.

  • You set up a datasource that includes the products and their prices.

  • This is the output of content using the data.

  • Now you want to change the price of hamburger and salad. In this case, all you have to do is to change the dedicated entries in the editor. Output would look like this.

  • After the refresh period, your content would be updated based on the data here, and you would see this on your screen;

Further implementations

Following screens are examples of possible implementations using Datasource function with real-time data.

Storefront screen using weather data

Kiosk (Coffee-to-go) near bus stop using bus schedule data

Above cases are basic examples of how Datasource works. For further detail, you can contact us or visit the technical documents here.



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