For installing OMMA Player app to webOS 3.0 and below devices, follow the explanations in this article. 

Important Note: If your device is webOS 1.0 or webOS 2.0, please contact us.

Important Note: If your device is webOS 3.2 or above, please see this article.

  • Click Settings on your remote control for about 10 seconds until you see the dialogue bubble icon on the top right of your device. 
  • Enter 8080 and press OK on the remote control. This shortcut opens LG server settings menu. 
  • Select application launch mode as Local. 
  • Make fully qualified domain name field On. 
  • Select IPK for the Application Type field.
  • Select REMOTE for the Local Application Upgrade field. 
  • Select Confirm.
  • Select OK

When OMMA Player app is installed successfully, you will see a complete information like below.

  • Click OK. Turn display off and then turn it on again. 

When you turn your display on, you will see the screen below. This means the application upgrade is in process and soon to be completed. 

When upgrading is completed, you will see the screen below. 

OMMA Player app starts automatically.
Note: Please restart your device if you get a caution sign related to time/date.

A code appears on the screen. This is the code you use for registering your device to OMMA admin panel. 

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