7.5 Label Control

Display or skip items on specific shops or devices

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You may want to display or skip specific items of your playlist on certain shops or devices. You can do this by assigning labels and then adding Display Rules via Label Control. 

How do I set label control?

If you do not have a playlist, visit Creating a Playlist.

Add labels to the shops or devices that you would like the items to be displayed or skipped. To see how, visit Shop Labels and Device Labels. If you already done that;

  • Go to Contents.

  • Click on the playlist that you want to edit.

  • Click on Edit Display Rules button on the item that you would like to set label control. 

  • On Label Control tab, first select the condition: One option is "If a shop or device has all of these labels". It means it will look for a shop and device that has the entered labels all at the same time. Other option is "has one of these labels". In this condition, if any  a shop or device has any of the labels, it will apply the rule. 

  • In the input field enter the label(s) you added to the shop or device. 

  • Select what to do if the condition is realized: display the item or skip the item

  • Click Save.

  • When you finish, Request Approval, Approve and make your content Go Live.


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