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Installing OMMA App to Android Players
Installing OMMA App to Android Players

Set up your OMMA App with APK file for Android Devices

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Requirements to Run Properly:

  • Your device's Android version must be 5.1.1 or higher. You can check the android version of your device from settings -> about page.

  • Your device must be rooted. You can still install OMMA application, but it will not be able to get updates and work properly.

  • Your device's Google Chrome version must be 65.0.3325 or higher. If not, please install the latest System WebView. You can update WebView only if you are using Android 5.0 or higher.

  • Incompatible Chrome versions may have problems with synchronization.

1. Downloading OMMA APK file

  • APK file is reachable via this link. Please download the file to your Android device.

  • Click OK.

  • Download will start automatically.

2. Installing OMMA App to Your Device

  • After download, click Open

  • Click Install.

  • When app is installed, click Open.

3. After Installing OMMA App

  • If your device is rooted by default (factory settings), you may proceed to the 4th step.

Important Note: 

  • If you have a root manager app, you will see the screen below. Allow OMMA to run and proceed to 4th step.

  • If your device is not rooted, a prompt will appear. You can continue by clicking Run at your own risk. However, we strongly suggest to root your device. Otherwise, OMMA App will not be able to run correctly.

4. Registering your Device to OMMA Panel

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