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Installing OMMA App to Other Player Devices
Installing OMMA App to Other Player Devices

Set up OMMA App with ISO file

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Note: When you install OMMA App to your player, it uses Linux operating system (Centos 7 64-bit). Installation file is provided below, and you don't need to install any operating system beforehand. OMMA App overrides any operating system anyway.

For downloading OMMA app to your player, you will go through 4 steps:

  1. Downloading ISO file

  2. Burning ISO file

  3. Rebooting the Device

  4. Installing ISO

1. Downloading ISO file

  • ISO file is reachable via this link. Please download the file with the details below:

ID: ommasign
Password: getommaiso9191

  • Click on the latest version to start downloading.

2. Burning ISO File

In this step you will burn ISO file on a USB drive. We suggest downloading and using ETCHER for this process.

  • Download and open ETCHER.

  • Insert the USB into the device. 

  • Choose "...latest.iso" and your USB drive from options.

  • Click "Flash!" button.

3. Rebooting the Player

  • After burning process is done, you should remove your USB Drive and insert it into the device that will be used with OMMA App.

  • Reboot the device that you inserted your USB Drive into.

  • After reboot, you should see a boot options menu.

  • Choose your USB Drive to boot from options.

Important Note: Be sure that on BIOS configurations, device is chosen as primary device. In case you have an issue while automatic downloading, change the UEFI option as “LEGACY” and try again. Please contact for further requests. It normally takes around 15 minutes.

4. Installing ISO

  • When you choose your USB drive from the options, you should see a screen where you can choose Install Ommasign Client.

  • Press enter to start download.

  • After the installation is complete, DO NOT remove your USB Drive immediately. Press enter to return to quit. Wait around minimum 5 seconds to remove USB Drive, otherwise installation will fail.

  • Your player device will start to reboot itself again. 

  • When the device starts, you should see the 6-digit token and OMMA logo at your screen.

Important Note: Your device must be connected to the internet.

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