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11.9 Scrolling Text
11.9 Scrolling Text

Show scrolling text where you want on your screen

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You can display any desired text or RSS feed on any part of your screen using the Scrolling Text Widget. Here's how you can do it by following the steps below:

  • To add the Scrolling Text Widget; (How to add widgets to a scene?)

  • Click on the Insert Widget button at the top of the page to list the available widgets.

  • Select the Scrolling Text widget and click on the Select button.

Configuring the Scrolling Text Widget:

• Click on the Scrolling Text Widget you just added.

• Click the "Configure" button or double-click the widget to open the configuration modal.

Source Type: You can choose whether the text you want to add within the paragraph is a static text or a data source.

Source(Static) : You can add any text you want here. There is no character limit, but your device's hardware may impose a limitation.

Pick RSS: Allows you to select an RSS datasource that you have created within your datasources. When you have a datasource that conforms to RSS standards, you will see its content as scrolling text.
Pick Datasource Field: Allows you to select a single value from any datasource and add it as scrolling text.
Font: You can choose your desired default font. Additionally, you can add and select your own font by following the add a custom font article.
Font Size/Weight/Italic: You can adjust the size, weight, and italic styling of the text.
Color: You can change the color of the text.

Background Color: You can change the background color of the text. (You can also make it transparent.)

Padding: You can modify the amount of space above and below the text within the background.

Scroll speed: You can increase or decrease the speed at which the added text scrolls.


• With scrolling text widget, you can easily display any desired text on your screens, whether it's long or short, and convey the information you want in a professional manner.

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