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4.12 Custom fonts in Scene Designer
4.12 Custom fonts in Scene Designer

How to upload custom Scene Designer fonts and use them.

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To be able to see your fonts applied in Scene Designer texts you should follow this guide step by step.

  • First you should navigate to Media Library;

  • Then create a Folder named Fonts;

  • Open Fonts folder and create another folder with your font's name;

  • Upload your font files with pre-defined names, (you can also rename files after upload);

    • Font names must be regular, regular-italic, bold, bold-italic

    • Supported Font files by Media Library are; .ttf, .otf, .eot, .woff, .woff2, .svg

    • If you also have a preview image of the font you should name it preview(.png, .jpg etc.)

  • Now you will be able to apply your font in the Scene Designer;

At the end you must have the below folder-file structure;

  • Fonts

    • My Custom Font

      • regular.woff (required)

      • regular-italic.woff

      • bold.woff

      • bold-italic.woff

      • preview.png

    • Pricing Font

      • regular.ttf (required)

      • bold.ttf

      • preview.png

    • Greeting Font

      • regular.otf (required)

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