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Display date & time on your screen.

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The clock widget is a digital tool that displays the current date and time on your device.

It can be configured by the user by selecting the time and date format, time zone, language, font, font size, and theme options in the configuration modal. This widget provides a useful and visually appealing way to display the date and time on your signage display.

Adding the Widget

To add the Clock Widget; (How to add widgets to a scene?)

  • Click on "Insert Widget" from the top menu.

  • Select "RSS Feed" from the list of available widgets.

Configuring the Widget

After adding the Clock Widget, you can configure it by following these steps

  • Click on the "Configure" from sidebar. Or double click to the selected widget.

  • Transparent Theme: Chose the text color while keeping the background transparent, creating a unique and personalized appearance.

  • Light and Dark Themes: Offers pre-designed color schemes for the widget display, ensuring a visually appealing appearance.

  • Custom Theme: Select both the background and text color for complete customization of the widget's appearance, providing maximum flexibility to the user.

  • Font: Select a font from the available options to customize the widget's appearance. If you want to upload a custom font, please check here.

  • Font Size: Set the font size, ensuring the widget's visibility and accessibility.

  • Source: Pick weather to use shop location or custom timezone.

  • Time Zone: Set the time zone according to their location, ensuring accurate time and date display.

  • Language: Choose the language of the widget's display, making it more accessible to users worldwide.

  • Date Format: Select the preferred date format, including options such as day/month/year or month/day/year.

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