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10.12 Order Tracker

How to set order tracker addon.

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  1. What is it? How does it work?

  2. Requirements

  3. Integration

  4. Setup Instructions

What is the Order Tracker Add-on and how does it work?

It’s a queue management system that works with pos systems, (currently only available for the robotpos). When a customer places an order, the cashier enters the order to the pos system, after data is given to the system the addon sends data requests periodically to the pos system. And receives a response of orders with the status. If there is an order it immediately shows on the screen with the order number and status. And if there is no order it falls back to idle mode and shows the playlist.


General Requirements

  • One OMMA device and one POS device is required for this setup to work.

  • They have to be in the same Local Area Network and preferably each connected to the router with an ethernet cable.

Device Shop

  • Click Shops from the left menu and click the shop where your device is located.

  • Set the shop attribute name to server and value to pos ip.

The POS Device

  • The POS device must send its data to the OMMA device with the information that wanted to be shown. Example URL would be similar to ( being the pos device's static internal IP).

  • This requires an integration depending on the POS software used. There is an integration already prepared for Robotpos POS software. If you wish to apply them to your store please contact us for further discussions. You can also contact us if you have a different POS software used in your store and we can check integration possibilities together.

  • Once the integration is complete and data flows smoothly from POS to the OMMA device we must let the OMMA device know that the data is coming. In order to do that, the add-on must be added to the content.

How to Implement the Integration?

After you check the requirements and make sure that all conditions are met, you can move on with setup instructions to complete the integration.

Setup Instructions

  • Add your media to your contents and it will be shown in the OMMA device when there is no order placed.

  • Click the add-ons and open the marketplace.

  • Search the addon, click and select it.

  • Hover over the add-on and click on configure.

Configuration Menu

In the configuration menu you will see 5 different area to make your setup

  1. First one is the font of the orders which displays on the OMMA screen. You need to add your font file into the media library first.

  2. Second one is the background image will be shown on the OMMA screen as background for orders. Also need to upload into the media library first.

  3. Third one is the queue data url where OMMA device periodically send request to receive order data to show on the screen. You need to type as
    http://{{shop.attribute.server}}/api/queue-data” the part in curly brackets is the static internal ip address of pos, where you set it at the Requirements step.

Data Example: {

Ready:[{OrderID :18, Type:’Store’ },{OrderID :19.Type:’Store’ }]

InQueue: [{OrderID :20,Type:’Store’ },{OrderID :21,Type:’Store’ },

{OrderID :22,Type:’Store’ }]


4. Fourth one is the refresh period of how often do you want OMMA device to send a request to receive order data from pos system in order to refresh itself and show the data on the screen.

5. Fifth one is the check mark for whether you want to show the playlist when there is no order or not. It will be checked as default.

6. Sixth one also comes default, it's the css rules for the orders which displays on the OMMA screen. You will not need to touch that part. But if you do and you don’t know what to do with it, reach us and we will help you.

  • After configurations are done, Click Done. Request approval, approve and publish.

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