Network Requirement: Samsung devices need a connection to "" address to be able to set Timezone information.

Before installation, you will need:

  • A USB stick formatted with FAT file system

  • A pc with an internet connection and USB socket

How to Install

  • Put SSSP folder into USB root location. It should look like below:

  • Connect USB stick to your Samsung device.

  • Go to Home > URL Launcher, and you should see that Install from USB Device option is now active.

  • If you are installing OMMA for the first time, you will need to set up a PIN number. Default PIN is 0000.

  • After setting PIN number, OMMA App will start automatically, and you will see a code that you will use to register your screen to the OMMA control panel.

  • Learn how to register your device to OMMA Panel from here.

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