Note: If you are unable to install OMMA App as a web app, try installing from USB device.

Network Requirement: Samsung devices need a connection to "" address to be able to set Timezone information.

  • Click on Menu button on the remote controller and select System.

  • Scroll down to Play Via section. 

Click OK. Select URL Launcher option.

  • Exit from the menu and click Home button on the remote controller.

  • Select URL Launcher Settings.

  • Select Install web app.

  • Click Done.

  • You will see a progress bar indicating the app is started to be installed, and in seconds you will see a success message. 

  • That’s it! OMMA App will start automatically, and you will see a code which you will use to register your screen to OMMA control panel.

Learn how to register your device to OMMA Panel from here.

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