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Content is displayed out of intended time range
Content is displayed out of intended time range

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A) Make sure that Channel Schedules are configured right in terms of start date and times. 

  • Go to Channels.

  • Select the Channel that you are using.

  • Click on the Schedules tab.

  • See the list of schedules, and control their start date, time, and time zone. 

B) Make sure there is no mistake in terms of AM/PM settings. OMMA uses 24-hour time format. For instance, to select 1:30 PM, you should click 13:30 on "Starts" field.  

C) If you manage timing by using Campaign Dates or Time Range functions in display rules inside the playlist, make sure start/end dates and times are correct. Also check AM/PM settings. 

 Make sure your device is connected to the internet.

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