4.6 Testing a Playlist

Test your content on test devices before publishing

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Sometimes you may need to see your content on a test screen before publishing it to many devices. You can test your content without connecting it to a channel.

  • Go to Devices.

  • Select the Device that you want to run the tests.

  • Turn the Test Device on.

  • Open the content that you want to test.

  • Click on the Test button on upper right corner.

  • Choose the Test Device that you selected before. If you do not see your device here, click go to devices and check if the Test Device is enabled on your device.

  • Your content will be sent to your device, and it will display the content with a moving "Test Content" label on it.

  • The Test button will turn into Testing button.

  • If you click on Testing button, you will see a menu. You must Update Test if you made any changes to the content and want to see it on screen.

  • You can stop the test by clicking Stop Test.

  • You can open a developer modal for Remote Debugging.



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