11.7 QR Code

Display QR Code as a part of your scene

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With our QR Code widget, you can easily create and customize QR codes to add to your Scenes.

  • Select the QR Code widget and click on the Select button.

  • Drag the QR Code Widget to where you want it to appear inside the Scene.

  • Double-click on the QR code that appears or click on the Configure button inside the Edit menu on the right-hand side to open the settings and customize it.

  • Inside this section, you will see the following settings to customize the QR code as desired. You can preview the changes you make live in the QR preview located on the right-hand side.

    • Data: Enter the value you want the user to access when they scan the QR code.

    • QR Color: Select the color you want your QR code to be drawn from the palette or enter a color code.

    • Background Color: Select the color you want the QR code background to be drawn from the palette or enter a color code.

    • Pick Image: This option allows you to add an image or logo to appear in the middle of the QR code. You can choose an image from the Media Library. (Optional)

    • Dot Type: Select the shape of the dots used for the QR code's drawing from the dropdown menu.

  • Save your QR Configurations.

  • Customize the size and other features of the widget to adjust how the QR code will appear inside the Scene.

  • Save your changes and publish your content.

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