10.11 CELCAT

Display CELCAT Timetable data on your screens

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Omma Sign integrates with CELCAT Timetable solution and lists timetable events on screens.

Add-on Configuration

  • Go to Contents.

  • Click on the content that you want to use.

  • Click on the Add-ons button.

  • Open the Add-on Marketplace.

  • Click on CELCAT Timetable and click Select.

  • CELCAT Timetable add-on is added to your content.

  • Hover over the add-on and click on Configure.

  • Enter the Source URL, API Code, Timetable Name.

  • Choose font and logo from Media Library.

  • Choose Theme colors.

  • Set a CELCAT display time and Playlist Display time. Screen will switch between playlist items and CELCAT Timetable for selected durations.

  • Click Done.

  • Publish your content.

  • The output looks something like this:

  • If there are no upcoming events, the add-on will be skipped.

Location Filtering by Shop and Device

  • Go to Devices. Select your Device.

  • SET celcat_location as attribute name and room name as value.

  • Save Device.

  • Your device will show only matching events.

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