10.9 Meeting Room

Display calendar events on your screen (Google, Outlook)

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You can display calendar events on your screen.

  • If there are no upcoming events, playlist media will be displayed on your screen.

  • If there is an upcoming event or an active event, the screen will display a meeting room layout with event info on it.

  • You can specify main screens that do not relate to any meeting room, and they will display events overall (more details below).

Required: You must set a calendar data source in the Omma panel.


  • Open your Calendar. Go to Settings.

  • Select your Calendar, copy the private address in iCal format.

  • To access via Microsoft Outlook, click on the Settings and then View all Outlook settings button,

  • Select Shared calendars and click the Copy Link button to copy the ics link,

  • Go to Datasources. Click Create.

  • Enter a name. Select the refresh period as 15 minutes. Paste the private calendar link you've copied.

  • Click Save.


  • Go to Contents.

  • Click on the content that you want to use.

  • Click on the Add-ons button.

  • Open the Add-on Marketplace.

  • Select Meeting Room.

  • Meeting Room add-on is added to your content.

  • Hover over the add-on and click Configure.

  • Meeting room add-on pulls event & room data from a calendar source. Click Pick Datasource to connect your calendar data source.

  • The selected data source will appear on the input field and rooms will be listed below. Hover over the rooms and click the copy icon to copy the room name to your clipboard.

  • Now right-click on Devices, open it in a new tab, and follow along below.


  • Go to Devices.

  • Select your meeting room screen.

  • Add attribute room_name and paste the value which copied in the add-on configuration (in this case, Room1).

  • Click Save.

  • Repeat these steps for every device you want to use as a meeting room screen.

Note: There is a "main screen layout" for the entrance screen (not related to any room). Enter room_name for attribute name and main as the value in that case.

  • Turn back to the Add-on configuration tab on your browser, and click Done.

  • Request for Approval, Approve and Publish your content.

Main screen output

Room Screen output

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