11.4 IPTV Stream

Display IPTV on screens

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Please notice! IPTV is on beta state, It may not work properly.

Check our IPTV Support on different platforms here.

Requirement for Linux: Linux devices doesn't support UDP streams that use port number below 1024.

Stream Type: OMMA supports HLS and UDP stream types. Other stream types are not tested on-field and therefore not supported officially.

Quality: Most devices can stream up to 720p and performance is dependent on the device hardware, there is no software-wise upper limit for quality.

Codec Support: Device must support the codec of the stream. Most codecs are supported.
  • Click on the Insert Widget button at the top of the page to list the available widgets.

  • Add the IPTV widget.

  • Paste the stream link into the URL field.

  • Save and Publish your content.

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