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Display an iframe or website on your screen

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You can display an iframe or website on your screen.

  • Click on the Insert Widget button at the top of the page to list the available widgets..

  • Add Iframe widget.

  • Paste the link into the value field. Be sure that your website allows iframe embedding.

  • Save and Publish your content.


When you type in the address bar of your browser and press enter, almost every website opens. However, this behavior differs when you want to embed this website inside an application. The difference is determined by the website's server. When a request is made to the server to use the website, the servers return some parameters that tell where this website can be used, and according to these parameters, the browsers decide whether to show the website. One of the parameters that allow servers to configure this behavior is X-Frame-Options. For more detailed information you can check this out.

At Omma we support many platforms. Our application runs on many platforms by using the capacities of the platforms. Some platforms allow bypassing the X-Frame-Options parameter and let us show these websites. Below is the table explaining whether we can show the website according to the platforms and X-frame-Options:

Apart from the server configuration, there is another condition that affects the display of the website. In modern browsers, if there is no bug in the code, almost any website will open. However, if a browser is not up to date, it may not recognize some of the codes on the website and therefore it cannot display them. I'm sure you've had this problem when trying to open a few websites on old phones, so you're familiar with it. I mentioned earlier that Omma uses the capacities on the platform that it's running. If the browser version offered by the platform is not up to date, you may experience this situation. In this case, the developers of the website should revise their implementation by taking into account this browser version.

Finally, if you want to show a website in Omma App and you can't make it please contact our customer support team on the intercom for help.

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