10.8 Micros PoS

Micros, Point of Sale, Add-on

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Must-Do: Contact us to learn how to integrate the Micros PoS system on the back-end. You can always reach us via intercom. This article assumes that you completed the back-end integration successfully.

  • Once the back-end integration is completed and data flows smoothly from POS to the cashier, we must let the cashier and customer Omma devices know about what kind of data is incoming. In order to do that, the Micros POS add-on must be added to the content.

  • If you do not have content, you need to create content first.

  • Click on the Add-ons button on top.

  • Click on the Add-on Marketplace.

  • Add the Micros PoS add-on to your content.

  • Hover over your add-on and click Configure.

  • Select the currency you are using and click Done.

  • Request Approval, Approve and Publish when you are done.

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