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10.0 ADD-ONS
10.4 Conditional Override
10.4 Conditional Override
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You can display a certain image or website over your playlist when a specific condition is met.

  • Go to Contents.

  • Click on the content that you want to use.

  • Click on the Add-ons button.

  • Open the Add-on Marketplace.

  • Click on Conditional Override and click Select.

  • Conditional Override add-on is added to your content.

  • Hover over the add-on and click on Configure.

Display Image

  • Click on the Pick Image button.

  • Select the image that you want to display and click on the add to content button.

  • You will see the preview after you select the image. Click on the Pick Datasource button.

  • Your data source will appear in the input field. Select the condition and enter a numeric value. Please note that your data source value must be numeric. Click Done.

Display URL

  • Select URL as Type.

  • Enter the URL including "https://".

  • Select a data source and set the condition. Click Done.

  • Request Approval, Approve, and Publish your content.

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