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8.9 Arrangement - Grouping - Layers
8.9 Arrangement - Grouping - Layers

Group elements to control them with a single action

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  • When you click on an element, you can adjust the arrangement under the format tab or you can also access the arrangement settings by right-clicking on the item.

Arrangement Levels

  • There are imaginary levels of elements to decide which item to display in terms of overlaps. You can change these levels and set an item to display in front of the screen or at the back. Starting with the state below;

Send Backward

  • This would move OMMA Test Content one layer back.

Bring Forward

  • This action would get the OMMA Test content one layer front (opposite of above).

Send to Back

  • Sending Back sets the position of layer at the rear-end of layers.

Bring to Front

  • This action would get the OMMA Test content to the front again. (opposite of above).


Grouping will allow you to edit multiple elements at once (especially animations).
Note: This will remove the keyframes of selected items. See animations.

  • Click to select the first element.

  • While pressing Shift key on the keyboard, click another element (there is no limit on element count).

  • You will see a barely visible border covering the elements selected. You can group these elements by right clicking on one of the selected items or you can click on the Group x elements button on the right panel.

  • You can use following functions on groups;


  • Right click on one of the group elements to open the ungroup menu or click Ungroup button to separate the grouped elements.

Note: This will remove the keyframes of group. See animations.


  • Layers tab will allow you to see which element (or group) is on which level.

  • Name field of elements are listed here.

  • Selected Item is displayed bold.


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